In The King's Den

by Colorblind Dilemma

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This is a double album.

Disc 1 contains tracks 1-13

Disc 2 contains tracks 14-26

Art has no reason.



released November 18, 2014

Artwork: Odin Rosado



all rights reserved


Colorblind Dilemma San Francisco, California

We are graduates of the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts who have been playing together since 2013 and have developed a large and diverse repertoire of originals and covers with clear social, political, and global themes. Our music is jam and groove-based, so we perform our best when feeding off the energy of a dancing audience.

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Track Name: Lost In Communication
look in my eyes, broken lies, oh sheltered cries
drive through my mind, cross through the barriers
I saw you inside, the mirror of our lives
don't leave my sight, oh I thought there was something more to gain

Call my name out before you drown and never look back for the ground
but don't ask for the word 'cause it'll be lost in conversation
Call my name out before you drown and never look back for the ground
but don't ask for the truth cause it'll be lost in communication

look at my hands, faded lines of helpless men
but watch the screen, a motionless stream of conscious sin
You are the one, take my hand and walk with me
we are the ones, we can fight for our lives

we're almost there you know it takes so long
stand together and don't lose our voice
talk to me, don't try to walk away
use our voice, we've got communicate

Track Name: This Is Not a Farewell, This Is a Call to Arms
I looked around the city the other day
but all I saw before me was a concrete mask
people were dying and the earth was crying
but no one was in the streets

I tried to explain, there are many more ways
then to try to exploit our future
our life's on the line and they're close behind
let's think of the world before ourselves
don't give up, it's not too late
try and change their minds

How we would make this better for them
Can't think about ourselves
We've got to plan a head
You see and it shows what's wrong with the world

we've got a world of chain stores, guns, and cocaine
but baby won't you tell me why we've gone wrong
oh, stand up and shout
this can't be our farewell
don't you see, we've got to fight
fight for our lives
fight for our lives
Track Name: The Right Way
Built by the hands of men
All day the branches bend
In the wind from the love that was once us
All but the world will be enough

Running from the ghost town
nowhere bound and losing ground
fragmented lines on a concrete rhyme
don't look to the sky for your savior

Don't say, don't say
Die if you want to thrive
They all say, they all say
Talk about the same, Talk to me the same

Machine party all night and day
Tearing up her heart complain
Watch as mother earth decays
Never going to figure out what is
the right way
Track Name: Another Guilty Soul
well, you think I could forgive you for all your lies
Yeah, you think that I can let you escape the flame
You ain't gonna get no easy way out
'cause Karma gonna make you another guilty soul

You think you'll be free from all your sins
You think God's gonna pay you back for polluting the sky
The Devil's gonna get you one of these days
'cause time's gonna make you another guilty soul

Well, where have you taken our children
marching them off to be killed
you will be dying in a shallow grave
You will be marching in their place
'cause Justice gonna make you another guilty soul

What's happened to our leaders?
What's happened to our love?
What's happened to our justice?
What's happened to our freedom?

First you take our leaders
Then you take our love
Then you take our Justice
Then you take our freedom
Track Name: Recovery
Time and place through night and space
with me here and you near
It's hard to run when there's no place to run from
It's hard to live in the world we don't forgive
when I'm stuck in bed with no pillow on my head
I'll be thinking of you and the sky of blue

We'll dance to the sound of the city all around
and float back and stay just another few days

It's hard to run when there's no place to run from
It's hard to live in the world we don't forgive
Track Name: Smoking That Special
girl just standing in the dark
wanting to walk her to the park
dragging her boots that old fashioned way
smoking that special herb
talking from the mouth without any words
trying to enjoy her only day

quicksand turning and the hours are burning
the feel of hell slips away
tired of trying and everyone is dying
almost every day

I tried to apologize for everyone else's lies
and feeling of disrespect in their eyes
taking the time just kill him now
as we walk through this crowd
long strange words came out of my mouth

repeat chorus
Track Name: Look at the Phone
pick up the phone, look at the phone

active now ignoring the hello
ten minutes ago
you don't see your eyes on the screen so obscene
you choose to turn away away from the green and me

I'm still waiting too long bitch,
I've been waiting too long bitch

hey you asked me to go
but I should've said no
cause I'm chasing you down so help me
by please responding or at least see what I've sent you
my eyes are waiting
my eyes are waiting to be seen by you

Mira la foto, no seas asi
¿Pero yo te sigue amando?
Estas Cosas, no sé Porque Los hago
¿Porque sigo amandote?

Now you have done what I wanted you to do
Not quite to there, still choosing to turn away
from the screen so choosing to ignore me
Track Name: Private Heart
This is a private heart
this is a man who can’t grow old
this is a private world
this house is locked for good

shelter your face from the cold
neglect the pages in your broken vow
easy with the rain in the subway lines
give them water you will get back naught
we run and we he hide, we play and we hate
but there is so much more at stake

would you fall apart in my face
laugh at me and call me names
like a broken piano when the notes get rough
communication lines are blocked

come on, come on, watch the boy burn
nobody’s left to hear me out
stuck in a fire burning my life
abandoned and tortured in a world gone wrong

time passes slowly when you creep
flying past the lonely streets downtown
time passes slowly when you weep (2x)
Track Name: Time Ahead
Let's start out
Small things will multiply
What is this war about?
Left inside us for centuries

Why should we feel powerless?
There won't be any way
For this to ever change
Unless we begin to love and try our best

It's your move that decides what we do
Time keeps running ahead of me
Keeps on loving
The way we never change

I wanna keep running down
The path already found
This place makes my mind drown
In my steady falling thoughts throughout

My endless thinking of life's meaning
And always dreaming of my own being
And always feeling that no one is listening

Track Name: King's Fire
in my mind I was one with you
I am never crossing you
master of illusion, master of life
is it not breaking us

he passed in a temple as he saw the light
it took a hundred days to get him out
when I was born I never cried
lullabies surround me in my healing time

Verse 1:
Discover life, it's in your hands
look into a sky that's full of time
see the faces going to work
you can walk but you can't stop
there's a man with a flame
throwing back fire on his homeland

showman is on the top
just picking up the pieces of his broken heart
never gonna look back
never gonna touch this world again

Verse 2:
a cabin in the snow
down below there's a river to your soul
watch him pick up the fireplace
he's getting back the embers of stone
a plain of devastation unknown
why are we so lost for words

everyday, falling
come to me, calling
who are we, calling
Why do I keep falling?

chorus 4x
Track Name: I Am Not Commercially Viable
People, if you hear me

won't you stop all your fighting
I've seen so-called lovers yelling at each other
and I've seen people kill each other
when you think about what can be done
why do we only see minute problems
why can't we stand together
and really make a change

all I want is peace and harmony
is that really to hard to ask
I feel hopeless like nobody hears me
and I am getting weaker
I don't care about what you told him,
all I want is equality

I am not unexperienced and I'm not too young
I hate the way we treat each other
when we could be fighting the real fuckers
you're just calling each other names
I am sick and tired of playing games
I am sick and tired of waiting for change

tell me people are we so self-absorbed
we treat each other like shit,
and we stay stuck in our homes
I'm not going to go down that path
I know what I am, girl you only know nothing but that

Hey girl, you do not want to do this to me, do this to me, do it to me, do it now 4x

I'm not commercially viable
a wrapped up package
your expectations are vital
I took a piece of this heart of mine
I give you all and always working around your time
now I open the door of your locked up feelings for me it's empty searching in the mountains, digging for some cold romance
what I see when I look at the screen feels like an avalanche

you give to the dickhead and run so far from the man who tried to give you his heart
So there won't be any more talking
I don't give a fuck anymore because it was love that I was searching for
in the end she was nothing but a whore
in the end we're all nothing but whores
Track Name: Magnolia Street
Go on down to magnolia street
Where the blossoms never bloom and the colors always
Fade into your past

Coming down to the harbor scene
You can't sleep in a pinned up dream
And the kids will always make fun of the
Dragons that led you through the town

But the morning is coming
And your mother is calling
You better walk into the canyon

I saw my friend in a poster board
He walked into the wall of made up hall
But I never knew where else to find the light
Except in the golden tunnel

Even when the lamps go down
The dew gathers round the camping grounds
That's where I found the burning letter

But the morning is coming
and your father is calling
Better pack your bags and
Turn the key lock

take my body, let me flow
six grey horses and a boat that tows
bring me back to my home
where the robins sing, "Oh sweet mangrove!"
don't let me be the only one,
don't let me starve in this mean old world
all that I want, all that I need
give me hope for the sun to heal

Go on down to magnolia street
Where the blossoms never bloom and the colors always
Fade into your past
Track Name: Drifting
Far away across the sky
of worlds between and out of sight
I saw my face reflecting you
space for years to pass on by

crossing through the border of heaven and hell
watching you slipping in and out
ghosts of my past coming back to me
as I close my eyes and drift away

Take the chance in the way
let it dance all night and day
see yourself talk to those
whose bodies are dead but minds have rose

Track Name: Peace of Mind
walk through water in your mind
nobody ever knows what's right
warning shadows close behind
standing still in the king's den
searching for some peace of mind

sisters of the siren, turned over at last
praying to the father whose thoughts are unheard
a thousand people with sunken eyes are a million soldiers in disguise
just like the rain on your pride

I went to the show expecting you
but a different face came in grace
those days are gone with these worlds we make
just to break apart in a swirl of grey

searching for some peace of mind
Track Name: Chapter 14
oh wall of time
you've got the answers to my life
wall of time
see me sliding, hold me back
wall of time
pull me out of all this strife

city of thieves
burning nightmares are in between
fall to pieces when your crime is done
but don't blame me when the snow starts to fall
if I live to see these temples
galleons I'd give thee to set them free
this water is on fire
burning holes in his helpless eyes
as they send you back into the sky
don't you cry, ruby eyes


they've brought down the empire
till kingdom come we sing of joy
now sing thee weep of sorrow
thy cities are gone and maidens fled
thou art a sinner
for corruption bled and peace dead
see the sun of a million lost souls
the blood red sky ready to strike back her prey

Track Name: Fog Love
Verse 1:
some days are born today
clouds of comfort at 8 AM
rock me like an easy bridge
till I am safe in your arms
rolling back across these seas
I wake up without you
toss and turned into a crystal wave
green canopy, mountains wide

Verse 2:
some years are born for us
thoughts of love at 11 AM
take me out from the river bed
lay me flat on the cobblestones
rock me from the evening dew
bring me back melancholy
let me drift into the night
when I craw into you from the wind
lay me down, don't bow down
lift me up, won't you let it rain

rainbow bird, crossbow eyes
midnight shining, criminal dove
shadows of grey, leaves of love
see the green fog your thoughts

Verse 3:
some days are born tonight
sunlight drifting at 12 AM
did you cry for your flaming pillow
this tabletop is made for hell
cover me in gold and silver
till I am rocked away from you
tell me a tale of loss uncounted
tell me a tale of wiser men
meditate thoughts of joy
mediate chaos of our souls

some days are born today (2x)
Track Name: Chance of Rain
Verse 1:
A chance to be something new
Life freezes up and time goes by
you seem to change but not for long
I sit in bed thinking of you every day
life slips ahead and so do you
I wanted to tell but I could not foresee
the interest at heart would not allow me a chance
to talk to the ghosts I know now

Shocking pain, a chance of rain
Roaring clouds nice and loud
The days all pass by but the nights aren't dry
the time drips on and I dream of you as the
rain trips up the stairs and the lights go out

Verse 2:
I fell up the stairs with water in my hands
trying to call you from your deepest sleep
my hands felt cold as I turned around
and the roses and the devils came into my view
you spoke to the world with words unclear
I thought I saw the rain fall around us
lost at sea on an island in a storm
expecting you to call out for more


Verse 3:
the war in our souls is so hard to control
we all may wind up in a world of deception
learn to control, open up and believe
don't give up on life when your world feels small
don't stare at me when the lightening strikes
I tried to rescue you from the clouds above
I tried my best, that is all that I can do
take your umbrella now, my love, and fly away

Track Name: Thoughts in the Dark
shifts in the redwood doors
drums and guns and funeral tolls
walking across rivers older than you
dusted dirty with knives of steel
figures lay awake at night
with eyes of iron shaded red
talking to the walls of our life
in ancient games of history

losing your love, who thought it was so hard
to dream of ones never unknown
I saw a glimmer in the sun
never lost in the dark night

I am a fox, I am wild
I am the night, I am the breeze
I see you, we are the fire
Burning through the forest of our life

ashes and dust they crowd this place
suns of fire in the world
faces in the ground of haunted walls
the nighttime in the summer where we used to lay
gone are they with their fashioned eyes
gone are the fields with flashing heat
whispering pines look out for me
guiding us from the wicked ones


chorus 2x
Track Name: Germanium
fly high sweet germanium
fly like you're on the run
fly high, sweet germanium
feel the world's harsh embrace

Verse I:
born from the ashes
the one who's losing control
see mother earth's passion
as you fall into her arms
heading for the hills
who's left to conquer the world


Verse 2:
lost in space,
the man who can't walk back
senseless accusations,
a father losing the sun
pictures laying on the wall
nobody says their farewells

everyday, see the earth turning 'round
amongst a flash of neon light
see her tears run dry from the torment
everyday, who feels her pain

Track Name: Stuck At 66
I closed my eyes when the gates unload
Blinded by this sense of color
You'll see that it's too far away
from my pride of conflict

Take this light away from my eyes
I've got to fly back home
In all it's glory I will fly
Lead my back to the sun

Walking footsteps left at midnight
still I'm stuck at 66
You were my friend, my ethereal brother
I'll help you through your troubles

Bite away this part of me
This audition is like a symphony
We can all play something together
Swim away from your problems
into my loving light where all is better

Take, take, take me back
But don't leave me blank
Take, take, Take my hand
but don't let me down

Take, take, take me back
But don't leave me blank
Take, take, Take my hand
but don't let me drown
Track Name: Sunset in Your Mind (Things Will Change)
Look at the sunset in your mind
try and read between the lines
watch the water wash away your troubles
everything will change if you give it time

Verse 1:
Staring out of a cold window
the world flying past in a sorrowful blunder
I see steam rising from the factory
life looks cold like an unfulfilled mystery
as I rise up the stairs,
the years start drifting into eternity
when I think about the things that can be done
I wonder how long it will be before the children start talkin'

Verse 2:
When I look at the television screen
a senseless stream of sensory overflow
but, how much reality can be in a plastic screen
that is separated from all of humanity
Like Medusa and kryptonite,
it won't be long before people turn to stone
broken light shatters my imagination
I can't seem to figure out what went wrong

Verse 3:
I took a break from the sentimental tragedy
took a stroll down to the docks by the bay
Lonesome Suzanna, why does she cry?
her husband could have left and she wouldn't mind
I guess she's walkin' down the industrial line
tryin' to find a way to feed her starving child
Even though life goes on,
I feel myself slipping through the grains of sand

Verse 4:
Dear Betty, when will you return?
I heard you left to fight in the war
nothing's been the same since you've gone
raindrops are falling as hard as my tears
Anyway, all's not lost,
I can still walk to your lonesome tombstone
Maybe I'll see you in another land
when the dew drops fall in the golden meadow

Verse 5:
Crazy Otto, he couldn't foretell
his dreams fell away into the quicksand
hazy shadows of the golden chain
with nothing left but the funeral church bell
darkness falls over this crowded place
I take another drink from the whiskey bottle
glancing back at the fire and ash,
I run away from the land I once knew

Verse 6:
I come upon a dying bird,
I pick up the pieces of it's poor wing
looking up at the cars in the road,
I curse their murder to the innocent child
wrapped up like a baby in a cradle,
I find somewhere to rest it in peace
just like the polar bears and the fish in the ocean
man is too greedy to make any change at all

Verse 7:
There's a lonesome highway in my mind
when I think of all the places I could have been
nearly all of my life's been spent in a cage
tending to my wounds by the fireside
when the doves fly into the sunset
you can find me walking by the river
how long must innocent people die
before they are allowed to live?

Verse 8:
The cool wind brushes on my face
I stare at the wave 'till the evening light creeps
escaping from the window of life's dark cave
sunlight finds me in an orange blossom seat
staring at the faces of the nameless crowd
the birds fly high with eternity's crazed smile
when I return, maybe things will change
if not, I'll continue on my endless journey
Track Name: Peace Soldier
Take me away from myself
The sun is too hot on this desert soul
Looking at the world in a different light
I can't seem to fight

The shadows are alive but the water is gone
Glimpses of our future in our past
Look at the reflection, you know what's right
Open up the gates and don't make us wait

Soldier, take your sword
let it rest where you stood
You are stronger than you know
Put an end to this senseless slaughter

I had a dream, I was in the sky
My enemy and I, we shook our hands
What is the point in being scared
When you and I we could live together

If I could fly away on the wings of the world
I wouldn't leave if it meant my life
you and me, we know what's right
lock your arms with me, let us fall in peace