Colorblind Dilemma: The Story of a Dying Planet

by Colorblind Dilemma

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released January 25, 2014

artwork: Jemerson Macalino



all rights reserved


Colorblind Dilemma San Francisco, California

We are graduates of the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts who have been playing together since 2013 and have developed a large and diverse repertoire of originals and covers with clear social, political, and global themes. Our music is jam and groove-based, so we perform our best when feeding off the energy of a dancing audience.

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Track Name: Armageddon (In A Minor)
Time to find a way
Out of my day
Fade away, Fade away

Where I am, They don't want me
Where I go, They despise me
Take me home, Take me home
I'm forever alone

Journey far, to the top of mountains
to ends of dungeons
to run away from this land
to get away from this quicksand

Swim across the raging seas
the angry waters choose to sting me
explosion of liquids swallow down
the soul I had like sound



Standing here
I can see the whole world
shining like a star
I'm so far from the ruins I saw
crawling in the dust

Time to find a way
Out of my day
Fade away, Fade away
Track Name: Momentary
Verse 1:
We all live in our minds
Look at them through the blinds
Try, to find
The angel you have inside

Walk out of the room
Into the oceans’ womb
Try, to find
The angel you have inside

I, have found my home
The place where I can be alone
Living in the ordinary
This is only momentary (2x)

Guitar solo for 4 bars
C, Bb, C, Bb

Verse 2:
I have found my fantasy
Where I can live, blissfully
Try, to fight
The evil you have inside

Wake up, realize
Your devil, is in the skies
Try, to fight
The evil you have inside

Chorus (2x)

instrumental break

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Anxiety
Seal my eyes shut
The world slowly cuts
I just wanna get some sleep
I can’t stand this anxiety

I want something to occupy
And I’ll be satisfied with my life
What ever happened to society
I can’t stand this anxiety

I just have one thing to say
Before we go our separate ways
I’ve been thinking way too much
Too bad I wasn’t good enough

We all need to find out
What this life is all about
No one else can hear me shout
They’re the only ones to doubt (2x)

Instrumental break

Chorus (2x)
Track Name: Ballad of a Dying Animal
Along the way
We become their prey
They took our hopes and dreams
and washed them all away

Verse 1:
They're polluting the skies and now they're wondering why
We're falling all around, falling all around
They're exploiting our lives, not caring if we die
and now we're falling all around, falling all around

falling all around, falling all around
falling all around, falling all around

repeat chorus

Verse 2:
They're destroying our homes, but they're still asking why
we're falling all around, falling all around
they're too blind too see, yet they there's garbage in the sea
falling all around, falling all around

repeat prechorus + chorus 2x
Track Name: Stuck Inside
Oh no
Track Name: Sunset In Your Mind (Things Will Change)
Chorus (repeat after every two verses):
Look at the sunset in your mind
try and read between the lines
watch the water wash away your troubles
everything will change if you give it time

Verse 1:
Staring out of a cold window
the world flying past in a sorrowful blunder
I see steam rising from the factory
life looks cold like an unfulfilled mystery
as I rise up the stairs,
the years start drifting into eternity
when I think about the things that can be done
I wonder how long it will be before the children start talkin'

Verse 2:
When I look at the television screen
a senseless stream of sensory overflow
but, how much reality can be in a plastic screen
that is separated from all of humanity
Like Medusa and kryptonite,
it won't be long before people turn to stone
broken light shatters my imagination
I can't seem to figure out what went wrong

Verse 3:
I took a break from the sentimental tragedy
took a stroll down to the docks by the bay
Lonesome Suzanna, why does she cry?
her husband could have left and she wouldn't mind
I guess she's walkin' down the industrial line
tryin' to find a way to feed her starving child
Even though life goes on,
I feel myself slipping through the grains of sand

Verse 4:
Dear Betty, when will you return?
I heard you left to fight in the war
nothing's been the same since you've gone
raindrops are falling as hard as my tears
Anyway, all's not lost,
I can still walk to your lonesome tombstone
Maybe I'll see you in another land
when the dew drops fall in the golden meadow

Verse 5:
Crazy Otto, he couldn't foretell
his dreams fell away into the quicksand
hazy shadows of the golden chain
with nothing left but the funeral church bell
darkness falls over this crowded place
I take another drink from the whiskey bottle
glancing back at the fire and ash,
I run away from the land I once knew

Verse 6:
I come upon a dying bird,
I pick up the pieces of it's poor wing
looking up at the cars in the road,
I curse their murder to the innocent child
wrapped up like a baby in a cradle,
I find somewhere to rest it in peace
just like the polar bears and the fish in the ocean
man is too greedy to make any change at all

Verse 7:
There's a lonesome highway in my mind
when I think of all the places I could have been
nearly all of my life's been spent in a cage
tending to my wounds by the fireside
when the doves fly into the sunset
you can find me walking by the river
how long must innocent people die
before they are allowed to live?

Verse 8:
The cool wind brushes on my face
I stare at the wave 'till the evening light creeps
escaping from the window of life's dark cave
sunlight finds me in an orange blossom seat
staring at the faces of the nameless crowd
the birds fly high with eternity's crazed smile
when I return, maybe things will change
if not, I'll continue on my endless journey
Track Name: One Moment
Verse 1:
Take me
Back to that one

We, were
All alone

I wish it could
Be, that way

Now, we’re
Back to being

Oh how I miss it (2x)

It was
Only that
One time
Now I can only fantasize, you
Put your heart up to mine, and I re-
gret ever turning away from you, now
It’s the other way a-
round, and I’m
Locking you inside of my head, ye-hea
C’mon say that you love me, don’t you
Turn around instead

Guitar solo for 8 bars

Verse 2:
Now we
Meet a-

Not as
Lovers, just as

Take me
Back to that one

I won’t fail a-


instrumental break

Track Name: Something to Do With a War
Change the world / stop the wars
Fix your house / and breed a horse
Run around / smashing ground
Burning land / it turns to sand

(repeat after every verse)

Verse 1:
I see that gleam / right in your eyes
It's like a stream / of some goodbyes
Don't you dare / disappear
It can be fair / with you right here

Verse 2:
If you die / I will cry
they will laugh / and I will sigh
don't run in / it's a sin
they will win / you give in

Verse 3:
I wish I could be / by your side
I miss that gleam / inside your eyes
the more you give / the more they will take
I wish you hadn't / run away

guitar solo

Verse 4:
I got the call / this morning
It broke my heart / to find you gone
It's so strange that / you must die
Just because of an / endless war

repeat chorus 3x
Track Name: Change
We will never see, the day if only we
can change the world we interchange ourselves
environments colliding, consciousness deciding
I won't wait until it's time, this is everybody's crime (2x)

We are the ones that don't want to change
We are the ones playing our own game
We are the only ones to blame
this world will never be the same

the tears of Earth start to bleed
she doesn't need us at all it seems
Everyone lives in their own dreams
You're killing you while I'm killing me

repeat chorus

repeat bridge


repeat chorus

repeat intro
Track Name: How Much Longer Must We Wait
Verse 1:
I was walking by the bay,
searching for the sound.
Look around the Earth,
guns loaded everywhere.
Pollution in the air we breathe.
We just let them all win,
not thinking of the sins,
it's not the way it's supposed to be.

innocent people in the streets,
demanding better lives.
when will the killing stop?
when can we be free?

How much longer must we wait,
living with fear instead of fate.
There must be a better, better way
before it gets too late.

Verse 2:
When the sun collapses in the past,
will we regret our mistakes?
Maybe that's just how life goes,
what else can I do?
This ain't the way it's supposed to be.

Verse 3:
I hear the sirens roaring by,
I think they're coming my way.
Looking past the streams of rubble,
hearing screams and shouts,
I take my head off the TV screen,
the nighttime arrives.

repeat bridge + chorus 2x


ending refrain:
I hope we reach the day,
I hope we reach the day...

(repeat to fade)
Track Name: How Does Love Die?
"How Does Love Die?"

Where is the love?
Where is the happiness?
to keep us from the pain
of our self-inflicted hate
The river flows faster than the purpose of our
don't you see?
we can't let love die.

When I walked in your door
I couldn't see your face
It took me by surprise
like a distant melody
something grabbed a hold of me
like a stranger in the dark

nightfall steals our time
I was just a stranger to you
before you took my place in the line
walking down the hallway
I see you pass by
my weary face

the storm's approaching
I'm calling to you
I had something
You took from my life
I was running
I was running from you
I was running
I was running from you

guitar solo

I've never done nothing but stare at the holes in your eyes
I've seen them drift to the telephone by your side
I've never felt nothing but a chill from your cold lips
You ain't done nothing but push me to the brink

ooh, How does love die?
ooh, How does love die?

Well, the night was cold and a chill ran up my spine
I was running for my life, I was scared of what would come
They came through the windows, they came through the TV screen
You stood there in silence as the blood ran from my head
If you want to know where you should go, just look beneath your feet

ooh, How does love die?
ooh, How does love die? 2x